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My Career as a Native Filmmaker: 

Indigenous Storytelling and Self-Representation


A Talk by Dustinn Craig

DC Headshot (to accompany July 27 event)

Saturday, July 27, 11AM


My Career as a Native Filmmaker: Indigenous Storytelling and Self-Representation

Dustinn Craig’s diverse experiences as a freelance filmmaker have taken him all over the country and exposed him to numerous Indigenous communities. He is frequently asked how to become part of the film and television industry. Dustinn’s perspective is that the odds are against Indigenous people, and historically always have been. In this talk, Dustinn (White Mountain Apache/Navajo) will share some of his opinions and insights from his career as a Native Filmmaker. He’ll discuss the complicated relationship Indigenous peoples have to the visual image in both the negative oppressive ways and the positive liberating healing ways. For Dustinn, film instills hope for healing, education and liberation in a country and society whose legacy of violence toward Native America is something Indigenous people still struggle to endure and survive.

Red Screen Film Festival tickets are free. Please note that when you reserve a ticket, it does not guarantee a seat so our advice it to arrive a little early. Seats will be allocated to ticket holders on a first-come, first served basis. It's not necessary to get a ticket but note that non ticket holders will be seated after ticket holders.

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