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Saturday, July 27, 4PM




Drama, Norway/Denmark/Sweden, 2017, 1hr 50min


Producer: Lars G. Lindström

Director: Amanda Kernell (Swedish-Sami) 

Writer: Amanda Kernell

Cinematographer: Sophia Olsson

Editor: Anders Skov

Starring: Lene Cecilia Sparrok (Norwegian-Southern Sami), Maj Doris Rimpi (Swedish-Sami) Hanna Alström, Anders Berg

In Swedish and Sami with English subtitles


POST-SCREENING DISCUSSION WITH OCTAVIANA TRUJILLO (Yaqui), Ph.D., former tribal leader and founding chair and professor of the department of Applied Indigenous Studies at NAU  


Venice Film Festival • Winner, Best Director of a Debut Film (Amanda Kernell)

Toronto International Film Festival • Nominated, Discovery Award, Best Film

Tokyo International Film Festival • Winner, Best Actress (Lene Cecilia Sparrok); Winner, Special Jury Prize (Amanda Kernell)


In this outstanding debut feature set in the 1930s, young Elle Marja is forced to leave her reindeer-breeding Sami family to attend boarding school far away from home, a typical practice at that time. In the midst of adolescence, she is as strong-minded as she is rebellious and she knows how to hide her feelings all too well, even from herself. She strives for the approval of her teachers by outshining her classmates in adapting to Swedish culture, which she has been taught is far superior to her own. Yearning to fit into a society that is not truly open to welcoming her people, she suffers discrimination and psychological cruelty. Still, she would rather completely forsake her roots if it helps her to fit in. An insightful commentary on the abuse imposed upon the Sami by official institutions.

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