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A Tribute to Jake Hoyungowa


Focus on Navajo Filmmakers

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Sunday, July 28, 1PM




Flagstaff filmmaker and photogapher Jake Hoyungowa passed away in May 2019. From Munqapi, Arizona, and of Navajo and Hopi decent, much of Hoyungowa's video and photographic works focused on Indigenous rights and life on Dinétah (Diné Land-Nation) and Hopitutskwa (Hopi Land-Nation). He was the co-founder of Paper Rocket Productions along with fellow filmmakers Donavan Seschillie (Navajo) and Deidra Peaches (Navajo). Festival Co-Director Shepherd Tsosie will invite Deidra Peaches to begin words of remembrance. 

Remembrances will be followed by a screening of the short film The Adventures of Jake "Hepwesa" Hoyungowa, produced by Paper Rocket Productions.


Sunday, July 28, 1:30PM




Special Guests: Sarah Del SerondeStacy HowardBlackhorse LoweChristopher Nataani Cegielski, Deidra Peaches, Donavan Seschillie


Contemporary Navajo filmmakers have increasingly been making their mark on the international film scene, telling their own stories and ushering in a new sensibility that's far from the old Hollywood stereotypes of Native Americans. Watch this collection of diverse short films from a selection of Navajo filmmakers including Flagstaff's own Christopher Nataani Cegielski and Deidra PeachesThe screenings will be followed by a discussion with the filmmakers led by Red Screen co-director Shepherd Tsosie.

rocket boy.jpg

Fantasy, USA, 2015, 15min
Director: Donavan Seschillie

Calvin is a young boy who has lost his father. In order to find him, he builds a makeshift space rocket.

Amasani hero image.png


Drama, USA, 2017, 13min

Director: Stacy Howard


When a young girl gets suspended from grade school, her mother sends her to stay with her traditional Navajo grandma. 



Drama, USA, 2015, 11min

Director: Christopher Nataani Cegielski


Two brothers seek to earn the respect of their gruff father (Jon Proudstar) by hunting the wolf that has been killing their livestock. 


Visual Portrait, USA, 2018, 3min

Director: Christopher Nataani Cegielski


A portrait of Jake Rameriez, an up-and-coming Muay Thai fighter based in Sylmar, California. He shares the story of his life before fighting and the vicious incident that pushed him into the sport.

Wings of America: BE KNOWN

Commercial, USA, 2017, 1min

Director: Christopher Nataani Cegielski


A partnership with the Wings of America organization, BE KNOWN is part of a suite of short films aiming to influence and inspire Native youth through running and athletics. 

MetalRoad_Steel Workers.jpg


Documentary, USA, 2017, 27min

Director: Sarah Del Seronde


For decades, thousands of Navajos worked the railroads, maintaining the trans-continental network. Metal Roadexplores the dynamics of livelihood, family and the railroads through the lens of a Navajo trackman. 

hooghan lr.jpg


Documentary, USA, 2018, 11min

Director: Blackhorse Lowe


Blackhorse Lowe and Carmelita B. Lowe talk about the history of their homestead as we witness the construction of a Hooghan, a traditional Navajo home. 

journey for existence.jpg

Nihigaal bee Iina - Tsoodzil to Doko'o'osliid / Journey for Existence

Documentary, USA, 2016, 9min

Director: Jake Hoyungowa

Produced by Paper Rocket Productions


Native youth walk to connect to their Diné culture, language, Elders and Ancestors, and to bring awareness to the exploitation of their land.

seeds of resilience.jpg
fight before the fight.png

Seeds of Resilience

Poem-Film, USA, 2016, 3min 25sec

Director: Jake Hoyungowa

Produced by Paper Rocket Productions

A tribute to the generations who have overcome adversity in any form. A celebration of pride and being Diné. Written and performed by Grownup Navajo Jaclyn Roessel.

Red Screen Film Festival tickets are free. Please note that when you reserve a ticket, it does not guarantee a seat so our advice it to arrive a little early. Seats will be allocated to ticket holders on a first-come, first served basis. It's not necessary to get a ticket but note that non ticket holders will be seated after ticket holders.

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